About Helppoesittely

Helppoesittely is a service provider for anyone who wants to sell their real estate property easier and more efficient.
We create a property viewing optimisation plan. How to make each room more appealing and bring out the best features.
Helppoesittely can also take care of the moving and storing of your belongings while as well as after the sale of your real estate property.
One of our specialties is our cleaning and preparation service before every viewing.

Additionally to that, we can handle also small to medium surface repairs or update to increase the value of your house, flat or vacation home.
We can even take care of your pets while the viewing.

You can choose any of our individual services or go with the start-to-finish service package.

Why Helppoesittely

It's stress free

You don't need to stress about planning, cleaning, preparation, repairs or moving. We can take care of it all.

Boost your property value

A well prepared and presented apartment or house can increase its' value and speed up the sales time.

We have the experience

At Helppoesittely we have the tools, know-how and experience in preparation, moving and viewing improvement of real estate properties.

No injuries

With Helppoesittely taking care of your viewing preparation and moving, you eliminate the risk of injuring yourself while do the cleaning, removing of items, moving, garden works or doing surface repairs.

One project, one contact

When selling your real estate you might have different contractors: Cleaners, movers, handymen, etc. Helppoesittely provides or manage all these services for you. You just have one contact.

More time for you

Next to having no stress, you also save yourself a lot of time. You don't have to look up contractors for each of the tasks or have to compare prices and services. You also save time on cleaning or moving.

Helppoesittely viewing preparation
and moving services

We provide a wide range of services and can even manage for you the viewing or moving project. Just call us up when you decide you want to sell your house, apartment, summer cottage. We prepare the real estate before the realtor, photoshoot and before each viewing.

The first meeting is free. Just as for a quote!


Our viewing consultant will inspect the real estate property and will provide a plan on how to improve the property and what to do before every viewing.

Providing packing and moving help

Helppoesittely provides help with the packing and moving of items to the new location or storage. We can also provide you with packing material.

Clear out and prepartion service

Items are removed, relocated or added. Cleaning and positioning/staging is done.

Disposal or recycling of items

We can remove unwanted items from your property. They will be either given away (to charity) or professionally disposed.

Renting storage space and moving items to it

Helppoesittely takes care of the renting a storage facility and moves items to the location.

Viewing clean up and staging

Helppoesittely is specialised in cleaning up real estate properties before each viewing and staging elements as agreed. No viewing stress at all for you!

Small to medium surface repairs and updates

Helppoesittely provides surface repair services such as paint jobs, wall fixes, floor improvement or changing lamps.

Viewing or presentation props rental

Helppoesittely can easily give your home an updated and fresh look by carefully chosen and placed rented props. You can rent candles, blankets, vases or flower arrangements.

Garden works

If you have garden and you need to get it into shape for your viewing, Helppoesittely can do it for you.

Pet care while the viewing

If you are at work and your real estate agent wants to show the house, but your pet is at home, Helppoesittely can take care of that! Our vehicles have air conditioned pet facilities with drinking water for dogs and cats. Also other kinds of animals can be cared for.

Moving help from current property to a new location

Helppoesittely helps you with your moving. We have several moving providing partners that are equipped for the job!

New furniture delivery, assembly and setup service

If you need new furniture assembled or delivered, Helppoesittely can do it for you to.

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